Professional Wood Floor Stain in Portsmouth, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas

You may love the look of a brand new hard wood floor but what about its discolouration over time? Regardless of the timber used, this ageless and classic look adds character to any property, bringing nature indoors and allowing us to walk over a piece of organic beauty. But, like everything, the surface will age with miles upon miles of footprints, stains, dents, and general wear and tear. We can disguise some worn areas with rugs and furniture but, eventually, it’s worth giving the floor a new lease of life.

Clean Plan Services Ltd offer a complete wood floor stain service to domestic and commercial clients in Portsmouth, Guildford, Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester and the surrounding areas. We’re a specialised cleaning contractor in the business since 1999 and our fully trained and highly knowledgeable staff share over 85 years’ combined experience between them.

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Wood Floor Stain Services

There’s nothing we don’t know about restoring timber floors to their original beauty. Our dust-free floor sanding and parquet flooring services are renowned in the areas we cover, and our reviews and testimonials are always extremely positive.

The advantage of floor stain is the ability to change your flooring to match your interior. Whatever décor you plan, we can apply a stain to your freshly sanded, cleaned and prepared floors to enhance the look of the new colour scheme and design.

Our most popular range of wood floor stain colours are listed below. If you’re looking for something else for your property in Portsmouth, Guildford or the surrounding areas, let us know and Clean Plan Services will source or mix it for you.

  • Antique Oak

  • Antique Pine

  • Dark Oak

  • Ebony

  • Grey

  • Jacobean Oak

  • Light Oak

  • Mahogany

  • Medium Oak

  • Smoked Oak

  • Teak

  • Walnut

  • Whitewash

Prior to staining we advise availing of our dust-free floor sanding service to fully prepare the surface for colour. This comprehensive and professional service will completely refresh the timbers, removing scuffs and rough edges, with any gaps filled in and stubborn stains treated. Using water- or oil-based wood floor stains, we then apply the colour of your choice to the timber.

Our bespoke staining service provides the opportunity to make your floor stand out from the rest. For the Scandinavian look, for example, our trained staff can incorporate a mix of stains to achieve that greyish white look which brightens any surface.

Or do you have original pine floorboards but really don’t like that ‘orange’ tinge they have? If so, they can be lightened by adding a whitewash stain or darkened with an antique-oak or smoked-oak stain.

Clean Plan Services also provides a texturising option for wooden floors, prior to applying a floor stain. With the grain distressed and uneven, an additional stain will provide a two-tone colour to the surface. For more information on this, please refer to our Southampton page.

We can also apply a clear stain to the timbers if you prefer to retain the raw natural look of a wooden floor. This transparent coating will enhance the individuality of any wood, drawing the eye to the knots and grain that give each board its uniqueness.

Please check out our other pages for more information about our range of services, including dust-free floor sanding and parquet flooring. As a small family-run business, Clean Plan Services are leading experts in maintaining the beauty and timeless quality of wooden floors for domestic and commercial clients in Portsmouth, Guildford, Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

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