Parquet Flooring and Wood Floor Stain in Southampton
What Exactly is Textured Flooring?

If you were buying a sofa today, what type would you choose? Cool and smooth leather, or warm and textured material? Many people like to feel the morning dew under their bare feet, whilst others love the fluffiness of a deep pile carpet. It’s very much a personal choice. The same applies to a variety of surfaces in your home, including timber flooring.

Clean Plan Services Ltd offer a range of floor cleaning services to domestic and commercial clients in Southampton and the surrounding areas, including professional carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, dust-free floor sanding and parquet flooring.

As part of our wood floor stain facilities we can texturise any timber surface to give it depth and substance by brushing it with a selection of wire brushes, aging brand new woods and creating a two-tone colour effect.

We also offer a rug cleaning service which can give any floor covering a boost. With dust and dirt accumulating in the fibres, and making the material look uncared for, our methods will truly bring any rug back to life.

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Available Textures

The differences between the various types of textured flooring are as follows:

  • Brushed

  • Reclaimed

  • Vintage

  • Smooth


A popular choice for our clients who wish to add character to their timber floors, this effect is achieved by treating each board with a wire brush so the surface is roughened. The natural grains are further exposed and the timber better resistant to damage. For pubs and restaurants with an older, more characteristic décor, this option is ideal. Clean Plan Services recommend completing this process with a wood floor stain.


A popular choice for our clients in Southampton and the surrounding areas who love to recycle. By collecting wooden flooring from old buildings and other sources, reclaimed timbers make an interesting focal point in any property. Professional carpet and rug cleaning and tile cleaning company, Clean Plan Services can also prepare the boards for their new home with our dust-free floor sanding and wood floor stain services.


How about going that one step further and treating the wood to some industrial chains and hammers? For the more weathered and vintage look, it’s possible to enhance the natural imperfections and unique markings of each board by treating them to some heavy-duty striking and beating. Not everything ‘antique’ is actually so; sometimes a little heavy-handedness and a good eye can make your parquet flooring, for example, look a century older.


Sanded to produce an even finish, smooth timber floors are very much the topic of debate – do they add to the characteristics of the wood, or take away? For our clients who prepare the plain untouched look, our staff can achieve the result by sanding the area thoroughly. With a clear wood floor stain added following our dust-free floor sanding, the surface will look completely flush and unvarying. 

And if your timber floor coverings require attention, don’t forget our professional rug cleaning service. We take care of a wide range of materials including fur, sheepskin, and silk, along with all manmade fibres.

Clean Plan Services have been operating in Southampton and the surrounding areas since 1999 and our expert staff share over 85 years’ combined experience between them. We offer a variety of floor preservation options including tile cleaning and professional carpet cleaning. We also lay parquet flooring and provide emergency repair and maintenance facilities.

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