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Using the Right Products on Wooden Floors

We carry out a range of cleaning facilities at Clean Plan Services. From carpet cleaning, rugs and upholstery, we’ve got your household materials covered. Our tile cleaning and grout restoring options are extremely popular as these awkward shaped slabs can be difficult to maintain. And we install stunning parquet flooring for our clients in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas with additional dust-free floor sanding and wood floor stain services.

Do you have a Turkish or Moroccan rug in your home? Is it looking dirty or unkempt? Talk to us about our traditional rug cleaning methods which are guaranteed to bring the colour and fibres back to life.

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The Right Stuff

It's essential to use the right products for the right jobs; that’s a rule that covers any task. And it applies to maintaining your floors in order to preserve their natural beauty. 

Using the wrong cleaning products can seriously damage any wooden floor, leaving an unsightly surface. As a natural product, wood needs TLC and a little attention – something we, at Clean Plan Services, are experts at providing. It doesn’t take much effort to clean timber flooring so spending some time preserving the material will ensure your floor lasts for many years.

Products to Avoid

We don’t advise you use the following on your timber floors:

  • Abrasives – these will scratch the timbers

  • Bleach – this will cause lasting discolouration

  • Excess Water – too much liquid will soak into the timbers and warp them permanently

  • Furniture Polish – leaving a slippy residue, this is potentially dangerous and the polish is also hard to remove

  • Steam Mops – like water, the steam will penetrate and warp the timbers

Professional carpet and rug cleaning company, Clean Plan Services is on hand to offer suggestions and guidance in relation to a variety of services including dust-free floor sanding, parquet flooring, wood floor stain, tile and wooden floor cleaning. It’s our aim to ensure all the floors in your Portsmouth property are in pristine condition and looking like new.

We suggest only using the following cleaning products on your wooden floors:

  • Clean Mop and Water

  • Microfibre Cloth or Mop

  • Soft Bristle Brush

  • Vacuum Cleaner with Wooden Floor Attachment

  • Wooden Floor Cleaner

Brush your floor daily to remove general household debris like dust and grit. Vacuuming every few days is enough, but make sure dirt isn’t getting walked into the surface. When using a wooden floor cleaner, be careful not to let the liquid soak into the gaps between the wooden planks; spray and wipe immediately to avoid any warping hazards. It’s also essential to wring your mop out thoroughly for the same reason. By cleaning a small area at a time – using a damp mop to wipe and a dry one to remove excess moisture – you can be assured of doing the job correctly. This isn’t a task that needs to be conducted daily but do consider it as part of your household routine.

Do you have an antique rug protecting your wooden floor? Let our professional team revitalise it by removing all traces of dust and dirt, and restoring it to its original beauty. We are specialists in the care of museum pieces and family heirlooms.

For more cleaning and maintenance tips, please contact us. Clean Plan Services offers a range of timber-related cleaning options to clients in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, including dust-free floor sanding, parquet flooring and wood floor stain. We also carry out professional tile cleaning and carpet and rug cleaning services.

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