Dust-Free Floor Sanding in Portsmouth, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas

A wooden floor can look absolutely stunning when properly cared for; the warm honeyed tones will introduce a level of sophistication to any room, and a coastal feel can be achieved in the most land-locked property with the pale grey ‘Scandinavian’ look. At Clean Plan Services Ltd we aim to ensure your timber flooring in Portsmouth, Guildford, Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth or the surrounding areas is in pristine condition, and its timeless beauty is only enhanced by our professional dust-free floor sanding and wood floor stain services.

Serving a vast number of clients in the south, we’re a leading and specialised contractor, repairing and maintaining timber floors and surfaces since 1999. We’re part of the Ultimate Floor Sanding Network, an organisation of professionals who offer a unique 2 year guarantee on all our workmanship. The Pallmann products we use as part of our services are also covered by a 2 year warranty. Visit our website gallery to see examples of our floor sanding and tile cleaning projects.

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Dust-Free Floor Sanding

We provide our services to both the domestic and commercial sectors, including community centres, hotels, pubs, offices, restaurants, schools and sports facilities in Portsmouth, Guildford and the surrounding areas. Besides restoring and maintaining a range of timber and parquet flooring, our dust-free floor sanding and wood floor stain facilities are also suitable for stairs, bannisters and timber worktops.

The process is as follows:

  • Our cleaning experts will remove all furniture and relevant fittings from the areas to be treated so clients are assured their property is protected

  • We’ll inspect the surface to ensure there are no nails out of place and all floor boards are secured

  • Using a high filtration vacuum, all dry soil particles and minutia will be removed so there is nothing remaining on the timber which may damage it during sanding

  • We use state-of-the-art belt sanding machines with a selection of grit abrasives to attain a smooth surface. Due to its advanced extraction system, we can guarantee the process is 99.9% dust free

  • For hard to reach places, fixed furniture and under radiators, our edging sander can achieve the same perfect result

  • A rotary sander with a super fine grit will guarantee an even and high-quality finish to the entire area

  • Using the vacuum once more to remove any dust particles left after sanding, the process is complete

Which finish should you choose? Oil or lacquer?

Now that your floor has been beautifully restored, the choice is totally yours. Simply put, the hard-wax oil soaks into the timbers whilst the lacquer sits on top. The oil gives the wood more of a lustre and, if scratched, is very easy to repair whereas the lacquer – as an external coating - offers an obvious sheen with a durable and low maintenance finish.

Clean Plan Services offers a choice of oil or lacquer finishes to complement their dust-free floor sanding service, as well as our renowned wood floor stain option:

Oil Finish

We apply two coats of a hard wax oil directly onto the timber floor to provide a moisture and dirt resistant surface. Using a 2-component product, with a hardener added to the oil, the wax crystalises and makes the flooring more durable against spills and high traffic.

Lacquer Finish

A primer is added to the timber prior to two coats of a water-based lacquer. We always use a 2-component product with a hardener included to provide a commercial-grade durability.

In order to prevent damage, and to maintain the longevity of our work, the floors should be left to cure for 2-4 hours, depending on the finish. Our staff will highlight this in advance.

Floor Repairs

Clean Plan Services operate a 24/7 emergency callout service for clients in Portsmouth, Guildford Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We’re also willing to work in the evenings or at weekends to accommodate both our domestic and commercial clients.

For damaged floors we can use pine slithers or a sawdust/resin mix to fill holes or gaps, completing the repair with a choice of oil or lacquer finishes. Our attention to detail and highly skilled expertise guarantees a professional repair to any wooden surface.

Our hard surface maintenance services also include tile cleaning; we can professionally prepare a range of tiles and natural stone flooring. For further information, please click on the link.

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