Dust-Free Floor Sanding and Tile Cleaning in Bournemouth
Suitable Flooring for Household Allergy Sufferers

Over our lifetime, one in four of us will suffer from allergies. Whilst some stay with us permanently, one is triggered constantly in our own homes. If we have to remain indoors due to our job situations or bad weather, it’s essential to minimise the risk of an attack that can leave us in discomfort. It’s one of the main reasons Clean Plan Services Ltd is constantly in demand in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Our dust-free floor sanding, professional carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services are essential for those who suffer from household allergies. We also install parquet flooring and offer complete wood floor stain treatments.

Our rug cleaning service will remove all aspects of dust and dirt from various rug types, including manmade fibres, Oriental and Persian. To find out more about this bespoke service, call the team at Clean Plan today.

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The Dust Mite

You don’t see them but they’re there – the main culprit when it comes to household allergies. Dust mites affect the quality of the air which can lead to severe reactions such as congestion, shortness of breath, irritated eyes, sneezing and extreme tiredness due to difficulty sleeping. The warmer your Bournemouth property is, the more they’ll thrive so it’s essential to keep them at bay. Dust mites breed on all kinds of material so regular cleaning of upholstery, bedding and carpets is the only way to limit the damage they cause. We can help with our rug, upholstery and professional carpet cleaning services.

Suitable Flooring

Clean Plan Services recommends the following floor types in order to help allergy sufferers:

Floor Tiles

With a variety of options on the market, such as ceramic, flag stone and porcelain, tiles can match any interior and are perfect for underfloor heating. Add in our renowned tile cleaning service and you’re guaranteed a sanitary and protected surface.

Hardwood Flooring

We recommend this flooring for our Bournemouth clients who suffer from household allergies. With our parquet flooring, dust-free floor sanding and wood floor stain services, Clean Plan Services can install, prepare and maintain the perfect allergy-friendly timber floor for your property.

Selected Carpets

Although the thickness of a deep-pile carpet can be comforting, dust mites can multiply in the fibres. We recommend low-pile carpeting which will still give a level of warmth to your floors. Vacuum regularly and avail of our professional carpet cleaning services for extra defence.

Is one of your rugs a family heirloom? Why not have it cleaned, treated and cared for by our professional cleaning team at Clean Plan? Our bespoke service is guaranteed to bring any rug back to life.

With over 20 years in business serving Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, we’re experts when it comes to all manner of flooring types and how to clean them properly. Our staff are continuously updating their knowledge and skills in order to remain on top of changing trends and new technology. When you avail of our services – dust-free floor sanding, parquet flooring, wood floor stain, tile cleaning and professional carpet cleaning - you can do so with confidence.

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