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Farrow & Ball
FARROW & BALL - 17/02/2023
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a building with a lot of windows next to a street
THE BOX - 27/01/2023
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FARROW & BALL - 17/02/2023


The remarkable success story of how a small local paint company from Wimbornein Dorset grew to become a famous brand, not only in the UK, but throughout theworld! It is widely known for its high-quality ingredients, original range of colours andquirky names. Have you got a favourite? Perhaps…‘Elephant’s breath’, ‘Dead Salmon’or ‘Clunch’? From humble beginning sin the 1940’s they exploded on to the Heritageinteriors scene in the 1990’s and have not looked back since! They were recently sold foran estimated£500million.

They have 32 showrooms in the UK in places like Guildford, Winchester, Esher, etc and we were thrilled to be involved in the sanding and restoration of the wooden floor in theirBristol showroom.

The challenge was to complete the project with them only closing the showroom for onefull day. So we started after they closed on a Thursday evening and we had to finish sothey could open on the Sat morning.

This called for teamwork, good planning and the skill of Clean Plan’s technicians. Thewood floor was an oak floor laid in a herringbone pattern and having been subjected toyears of heavy traffic and footfall, was in need of restoration and a loving touch.

Saturday morning arrived and the staff at the Bristol showroom were delighted to seetheir wooden floor rejuvenated and looking beautiful again”
THE BOX - 27/01/2023


Led by Plymouth City Council, and located in the heart of Britain’s Ocean City, The Box is an innovative museum, gallery and archive for people of all ages to enjoy time and again. The project cost £46 million, and was officially opened in 2020, taking three years to complete. The Box now consists of nine permanent galleries and incorporates St Luke’s Church buildings, Plymouth’s original museum and art galleries, and the Central Library.With a retail outlet and restaurant, it’s a stunning addition to this maritime city.

Due to our affiliation with the Ultimate Floor Sanding network, Clean Plan Services was invited to restore the parquet flooring in one the galleries following extensive renovation works. Since this was a high-priority contract, we sent four of our floor sanding technicians to The Box to guarantee the job would be completed on time.

Due to the nature of the work, it was essential to select a dust-free sanding machine. Our team used two of the best in the business – the Pallmann Cobra belt sanders. They made fast work of sanding the 100sq metres of oak parquet. The job was completed with the Pallmann Spider rotary machine.

There was some debate about whether to seal the parquet flooring with lacquer or hard wax oil. After weighing up the pros and cons of both options, it was decided to go with the hard-wax oil, due to the ability to perform localised repairs. This two-component oil contains a hardener which crystallises the wax, thus making this particular finish more durable and resistant to spillages etc.

Our clients were absolutely delighted with the amazing results. Not only do they have a stunning parquet floor, the surface can be easily maintained and will retain its sheen for quite some time. For more information about our parquet flooring services or the hard-wax oil finish we used, please contact us at Clean Plan Services.

Our team of floor sanding technicians having a ‘mammoth’ time! 😂
For further information about our range of wood floor stain and dust-free floor sanding services in Guildford, Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, call us on 0800 695 6956.