Dust-Free Floor Sanding and Tile Cleaning in Guildford, Winchester and the Surrounding Areas

We provide a wide range of services for our domestic and commercial clients in Guildford, Bournemouth, Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas. As a specialised contractor, working in the industry since 1999, Clean Plan Services Ltd is a leading expert in dust-free floor sanding and tile cleaning, catering for private properties, hotels, offices, pubs, restaurants, village halls, schools and sports facilities, amongst others. We can also list several famous names on our books, some of whom have kindly added to our growing number of positive reviews and testimonials. And for images of our previous works, please click on the link.

Besides our renowned floor services, we also offer a comprehensive range of cleaning options that are guaranteed to bring new life to your home or commercial property. Contact us to find out more.

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Additional Services

Along with our dust-free floor sanding and tile cleaning facilities, Clean Plan Services provide the following additional services for clients in Guildford, Bournemouth Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas:


For commercial spaces including sports halls, schools, hospitality premises and wedding venues, we can return floors to their original pristine appearance. We understand time is critical for businesses so we’ll manage the entire project with additional services, such as sports line marking.


When restoring floors of all styles, it’s important not to overlook the other timbers in your property. We restore stairs and bannisters to their original beauty, removing years of decoration and wear and tear.

Village Halls

Clean Plan Services provides commercial wood floor sanding services for a variety of public buildings, including village halls with timber or Granwood flooring. Despite the age of the building and footfall over the years, we guarantee any village hall will look fresh and inviting with our professional services.

Wood Floor Maintenance

If your floor has had oil or lacquer applied, it will need the right maintenance regime in order to ensure its longevity and robustness. Depending on the amount of traffic the timbers are subjected to, Clean Plan will produce a recommended maintenance schedule to suit. We also offer to carry out this service on a regular basis.

Rug Cleaning

A perfect accompaniment to any wooden floor, we can deep clean and restore a range of rug materials including oriental, Persian and pure wool. Our professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning skills are highly sought after and we guarantee the fibres will look like they’ve just been laid once we’re finished.

Upholstery Cleaning

Using modern equipment and years of expertise, our staff at Clean Plan Services can bring life back to the oldest of suites or dining chairs covered in a range of standard materials, leather and suede.

Pet Stain Treatment

Marking their territory is something a household pet regards as a necessity but, for their owners, it’s a major inconvenience. Clean Plan Services offer the following unique 7-step treatment to remove the stains permanently from carpets:

  • We’ll identify the source of the stain using ultraviolet light if required

  • The carpet is then lifted to access the underlay

  • If the fibres are badly stained, the contamination will probably have spread to the underlay. Where this has occurred, the material is cut away

  • The back of the carpet is thoroughly deep cleaned using our truck-mounted machines

  • Our expert cleaners will treat the floor and reverse side of the carpet with a special enzyme to remove any lingering bacteria caused by the pet urine

  • A urine neutralising agent and odour barrier can be added to the floor and carpet underside if necessary

  • We’ll replace the underlay and refit the carpet

Curtain Cleaning

In-situ for total convenience, our staff will completely launder and refresh your curtains using our dry cleaning solvent machines. This service is recommended for properties with multiple windows or clients who don’t want the hassle of having to remove and rehang heavy drapes.

Patio Cleaning

For clients with limestone or sandstone patios, the tiles can lose their colour over time and appear grey and dull. Grout will also wear away and require replacing. Why not let our technicians seal, re-grout and restore your patio to its former glory?

Our fully trained staff are constantly updating their skills and knowledge in order to keep abreast of new trends and technology. With the appropriate qualifications for our trade, our domestic and commercial clients in Guildford, Bournemouth Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas can be assured of a professional and reliable service at all times.

For further information on our dust-free floor sanding and tile cleaning facilities, please contact us. We offer a 24/7 emergency service to our clients, providing peace of mind and complete trust in our company.

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