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Eliminate pet urine odours forever!

We offer Professional Pet Urine treatment  in Portsmouth, Southampton, Guildford, in all Hampshire & Surrey. As we all know, pets are part of the family and they can brighten up your day. However, cute as they are, pets can make it really difficult to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. This is where we can be of help. So why not give us a quick call for some FREE advice!

Why hire a professional?

What will we use?

Free evaluations and quotes

When you choose to contact us for fixing pet stains, you will get a quick no-obligation quote. We will evaluate the condition of the carpet and upholstery as well as the nature of the stains before giving you an accurate estimate of the cost.

You may have tried to remove pet stains on your own, but with no success. At Clean Plan, we understand  this might be quite frustrating, which is  why we're offering this much needed service.

When attempting to remove pet stains and urine odour, we only use a selection of cleaning supplies that are safe for pets and children. You'll be amazed at how well we can clean your carpets without using harsh chemicals.

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Areas Covered

We Clean Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs, Leather, Natural Stone, Tile & Grout, Wood Floor Sanding in Hampshire, Surrey & surrounding areas including:


Portsmouth, Southampton, Guildford, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Winchester,Godalming, Farnborough, Farnham, Haslemere, Liss, Petersfield, Hindhead, Alton, Chichester, Bognor, Littlehampton, Havant, Hayling Island, Horndean, Cowplain,Waterlooville, Emsworth, Drayton, Rowlands Castle, Fareham, Gosport, Lee-on-Solent, Whiteley, Hedge End, Romsey, Eastleigh, Lyndhurst, Lymington, New Forest, Poole, Ringwood, Alresford,  Hook, Yateley, Basingstoke, Camberley, Woking, Arundel, Aldershot, Bordon, Christchurch, Andover, Salisbury, Bosham, Fleet, Liphook, Midhurst, Middleton-on-Sea, Verwood, Bishops Waltham, Waltham Chase, Warsash, Selsey, Bishopstoke, Kings Worthy, Totton, Stubbington, Clanfield, Lovedean, Denmead. Knowle, Petworth, Chandlers Ford, New Milton, Port Solent, Netley.

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Why is pet urine so difficult to clean?

Urine has several components that can be washed away with ordinary cleaners, but it's the insoluble urine (uric acid) crystals that are the source of most of urine's stain and odour.

Many products on the market attempt to mask the urine odour with another fragrance, or seal in the urine.  Other products dry out the urine salt crystal with alcohol or solvents. These are short-term solutions only and leave the insoluble urine salt crystals in place. Have you ever tried such products and thought they worked, only to have the urine smell return when the product wears off or when high humidity reactivates the crystals and the smell seems worse Frustrating isn't it? But that's why it's important to call us.


Even though we can't guarantee

100% that we can get rid of the stain, especially if it's bleached the fibres, we can definitely improve the appearance & get rid of the smell!

So, how do we do it?

Remember, in order to remove the odor, all of the alkaline salt deposits the urine leaves behind must be completely removed. This can be quite extensive and time consuming. In worse cases, all of the following steps will be done. When damage is not so bad a few steps are left out.

1) Identify the source of the urine contamination, & if it's not readily obvious, then an ultraviolet light will be used.


2) Lift up the carpet, if the access is good & allows for this.


3) Cut out the affected part of the underlay, if the carpet is heavily stained & if the underlay is contaminated.


4) Thoroughly deep clean the back of the carpet using Truck-mounted machines


5) Treat floor & back of carpet with an enzyme treatment as it 'eats up' all the bad bacteria


6) Seal floor, if needed, & treat back of the carpet, with a urine neutralizer & an odour counter-actant barrier.


7) Install new underlay & re-fit carpet.

Our 7-Step pet urine treatment process....

Why cats display urine marking behaviour

Cats are territorial animals. They may urinate to mark a particular area as their own. But

urine-marking is not a house soiling problem. Instead, it is considered territorial behaviour.


......."Try to monitor your cat's movements. If he sniffs in an area he has previously marked, interrupt him with a loud noise or squirt him with water. It's best if you can do this without him seeing you. That way, he'll associate the unpleasantness with his intent to mark, rather than with you."

Remember - Don't punish your pet after they have urinated. Punishment administered even a minute after the event is ineffective because your pet won't understand why he is being punished. With our pet urine cleaner, the stain and the smell will be gone - ready for a clean start!

Dogs  are territorial animals. They too may urinate to mark a particular area as their own. But, as with cats, urine-marking isn't a house soiling problem.


"For dogs: Watch your dog when he is indoors for signs that he is thinking about urinating. When he begins to urinate, interrupt him with a loud noise and take him outside. If he urinates outside, praise him and give him a treat. When you're unable to watch him, put your dog in confinement (a crate or small room where he has never marked) or tether him to you with a leash."

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