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By cleanplan930, Jul 31 2015 04:00PM

Finally! An Easy and Affordable Way to Protect Your Investment - Commercial Carpet Cleaning!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets are a sizeable investment and so naturally, you want your carpets to remain attractive and highly functional long after they've been installed. Anyone who has ever had to replace commercial carpets knows how disruptive and costly it can be to any business.

Undoubtedly a well-programmed maintenance schedule will extend your commercial carpet’s performance, appearance and life… so it’s worth treating like any other expensive investment!

The longer the carpet lasts… the less it costs!

To be truly cost effective, carpet maintenance must be carried out with systematic frequency over the life

of the carpet.

"The irony is that because new commercial carpets today are engineered to disguise soils and stains, the need to vacuum and clean them on a regular basis is sometimes masked."

In order to dramatically extend the life of your commercial carpets, a consistent and effective systematic maintenance program is a necessity, not a luxury!

What is an effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning maintenance program ?

1. Walk-off mats to capture the dirt before it gets into the carpet.

2. Regular vacuuming – the most important part of your maintenance.

3. Spot Removal – usually performed by your janitorial company.

4. Interim Cleaning in high traffic areas.

5. Periodic Deep Extraction Cleaning to remove embedded abrasive soil.

Clean Plan Services is a professional carpet cleaning company serving Portsmouth, Southampton, Guildford and throughout all Hampshire and Surrey since 1996. We understand your needs and employ the latest Commercial Carpet Cleaning &Commercial Floor Cleaning techniques to give you the most thorough cleaning possible.

We can perform steps 4 and 5 for you on a systematic basis. We will keep track of scheduled days and times for cleaning, so that carpet cleaning is one less thing that you have to worry about. Why not call us for a FREE Evaluation at 0800 – 695 695 6.

Not only is clean carpeting a good reflection on your business, it also improves the air quality in your work environment, resulting in better performance and moral for your employees.


P.S. Take advantage of this opportunity to SAVE 50% on your first Carpet protection application, just for trying our service!

By guest, Jun 6 2014 11:12PM

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